Behind the Scenes with AI Supervision

An interview with the founder taking on Y Combinator and the future of factory production

During our interview with AiSupervision co-founder Sascha Lang, we had the opportunity to discuss the company's announcement that it had joined Y Combinator's startup accelerator program. Lang expressed excitement about the opportunity to work with YC's experienced mentors and receive funding to further develop their AI-based platform for factory production lines. With YC's support, AiSupervision is well-positioned to grow and expand its reach in the market.

AiSupervision is tackling the challenges faced by factories in optimizing and automating their production lines. The company's platform uses AI to monitor and manage production, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity. By automating tasks that were once only possible with human supervisors, AiSupervision is helping factories stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced and demanding market. 

Interview with CEO Sascha Lang about their participation at the Y Combinator

Y Combinator is probably the most prominent startup accelerator program in the world and has produced startups such as AirBnB, Dropbox and Reddit. Accordingly, it is difficult to get accepted into the program. What motivated you to try it anyway and how surprised were you when you got the acceptance?

Sascha: "We were motivated to apply because we have massive global ambitions and we are incredibly motivated to improve the productivity of factories worldwide, not just in Mannheim or Germany so it made sense to try to work with the best accelerator in the world. We knew that we were working very hard and growing fast so we were not totally surprised to get accepted but we were a little bit surprised because of how difficult it is to get in and because factories are not a typical silicon valley startup industry."

How exactly can we imagine the application process and how did you prepare for it?

Sascha: "The application process is to submit answers to several questions about the startup and its co-founders. It took us several hours (and lots of caffeine) to fill in the application and make a 1 minute video introducing ourselves. Then a few weeks later we found out that we had an interview. A few weeks after that, we had an intense 10 minute interview with several YC partners. We did some practice interviews with other Y Combinator company founders to prepare and refine our answers to make them as precise and clear as possible."

We had so many memorable experience [...] it was definitely life changing.
Sascha Lang
The founders Alex Conway - CTO (left) and Sascha Lang CEO (right) in ...???
The founders Alex Conway - CTO (left) and Sascha Lang CEO (right) in ...???

What experiences did you have and where did the program help you the most?

Sascha: "We had so many memorable experiences and we unfortunately cannot talk about many of them but it was definitely life changing. We heard amazing inside stories about overcoming difficulties from founders of startups that everybody knows and received invaluable advice on every topic imaginable from people who have worked with more billion dollar startups than anybody else in the world. The most valuable experiences were probably the office hours where different YC partners spend 20 minutes with us talking through various issues that we were facing each week to help us overcome challenges and accelerate our growth."

What are the next steps and milestones for the coming months?

Sascha: "Our main focus for the coming months - and beyond - is to »make something people want» (which is the motto of YC). Specifically, we are working on fixing many small issues with our product that we discovered from countless conversations with our users. The next major milestone is to be able to quickly digitise and improve productivity at any new factory, no matter what their workflows and existing internal processes look like."

Mannheim [...] is a magnet for talent in the region with its strong university programs and several other technology companies [...]
Sascha Lang

As a team and through the participation in Y-Combinator you are internationally positioned. Why is Mannheim your headquarters and what advantages do you see?

Sascha: "We are building the operating system for factory production lines - a tool that makes it easy to digitise factory processes and automate what the best supervisor would do if they watched everything that is happening in your factory. There are many more factories near Mannheim than there are in Silicon Valley - it is also a magnet for talent in the region with its strong university programs and several other technology companies having a strong presence in the city."

About Y Combinator

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