It feels good to live here.

Mannheim thinks big - and is stirring up the future with fresh ideas.



Mannheim is an open-minded startup city on the banks of two rivers with lots of culture and nature. The perfect place to come, discover, feel, start up, live – and remain.  

Mannheim is much more than a perfect place to start up your business. In the UNESCO CITY OF MUSIC in the center of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region every day is a fresh start and exciting. Music and culture festivals, concerts in venues and clubs, internationally renowned exhibitions, clubs and parties, top restaurants and street food variety ... Immerse yourself in Mannheim's nightlife in the trendy Jungbusch district, enjoy shopping in the famous "Planken" shopping mile. Would you rather barbecue on the Neckar or chill out on the banks of the Rhine? Make Mannheim your city! 


... here's how it works: Forget everything you've heard about the city so far. Sit down on a famous invention made in Mannheim – and just ride a bicycle! Maybe the air will be a light smell of chocolate. Maybe you will be surprised that hardly anyone here speaks high-class German. 

But then, when your eyes and heart are wide open, you will discover something that is rare in Germany: An international, cosmopolitan city, which may not be the biggest, but feels exactly the opposite. Why? Because it simply always keeps running forward. And is hungry. For good people, for change, for development. And for good ideas.

You will soon discover that Mannheim has always been the city of ideas. Someone will probably tell you about it one night in a bar in the Jungbusch harbour district. That Schiller premiered The Robbers here, that Mozart played here at the Elector's court, that Karl Drais invented the bicycle here, Carl Benz invented the car and a certain Dario Fontanella invented spaghetti ice cream.

But you'll be much more interested in the fact that you can start up and do your thing here better than anywhere else in Germany. But enough talking, now it's your turn. Do it. Mannheim is looking forward to you.


New in town? On the official homepage of the city of Mannheim you will find all the information that is important for new residents of Mannheim. 

Experience Mannheim? On the website, you can find out what you should definitely see and not miss in Mannheim - from sightseeing highlights and cultural events to the insider tips of the locals. 

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