Up2B Accelerator Breakthrough 2022 has started

On Monday 25 April, the Up2B Accelerator Programme Breakthrough started for the fifth time. The Up2B team selected twelve startups from the areas of industry tech, IT, robotics and SaaS to participate. Over the next six weeks, these startups will work intensively on their product and business models, deal with topics such as sales & marketing and improve their pitches. They will be accompanied and supported by numerous mentors, experts and entrepreneurs.

The first two days took place in Mafinex

The first two days of the program took place live in MAFINEX. After the opening words by the Up2B team, Corinna Haas, the founder of inga. gave a keyynote speech. Inga is a social media recruiting job bot that helps companies find talents. Afterwards, all the start-ups introduced themselves and presented their pitch decks. The entrepreneurs were then able to get to know each other better over dinner, exchange ideas and enjoy the end of the first Breakthrough day.

Tuesday was a „Team-day“. Vera Lyko and Janina Rüger-Aamot took over the moderation and organisation. In various interactive formats, the start-ups were able to work together on topics such as motivation, feedback, decision-making, division of labour, competencies and time management, and reflect on their teamwork and company values. Vera and Janina have founded an agency for coaching, consulting and training called econoyou. The two mentors know the start-up phase and the associated challenges very well and can therefore support the young entrepreneurs with their expertise.

For lunch, the Techniker Krankenkasse sponsored „Social-Pizza“. During the lunch, a contact person from TK was available to the start-ups and provided them with all relevant information about social insurance in the early and growth phases.

Keynote speech by Corinna Haas, the founder of inga.
Keynote speech by Corinna Haas, the founder of inga.

Friday is always a feedback day

Until Demo Day at the InnoWerft  Walldorf and Schweicker AG on the 3rd of June, the Breakthrough will take place online. Each week will focus on a specific topic and will be concluded with a Feedback-Friday. The aim of the Friday sessions is to reflect on the past week and discuss any obstacles, difficulties or problems. The focus of the start-ups in these one-hour meetings is entirely up to them. They receive individual advice and support from their case manager. To enable new and different perspectives on their business case, each start-up was also assigned a creative mentor. The creative mentors are four artists in the Creative Residency project who are supposed to help the start-ups to apply different approaches through creative thinking.

Corporate Speed Dating is the highlight of this year's Breakthrough

The highlight of this year's Breakthrough is the Corporate Speed Dating on the 18th of May. Here, the start-ups will present their business cases to twelve established companies such as SAP, ABB, rnv, HAYS and many more in 1-to-1 sessions and have the chance to win potential customers, receive feedback on their business plans and make important contacts.

We wish all participating start-ups six inspiring weeks and much success!

The participating startups

About the Up2B Accelerator

The Up2B Accelerator is a joint venture of the organisations innoWerft Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Walldorf Stiftung GmbH, mg:mannheimer gründerzentren GmbH and Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH and is funded by Startup BW. Since 2017, Up2B has supported more than 180 startups with a B2B and IndustryTech focus.