Female’s Favour{IT}e Conference 2019 – Recap

Thank you for making this year's Female's Favour{IT}e Conference  another success!

Looking back we had a day full of inspiring talks, hands-on workshops and new connections - 

We set out with the mission to bring together women from all ages and professional backgrounds together for a fruitful exchange and couldn't be happier about the outcome.

But why tell you when we can show you? Here are some unforgettable moments from fem{IT} 2019:


Want to connect to one of the speakers or remember some of the topics you heard?

Here you can recap the agenda:


We are grateful you chose to be part of the fem{IT} this year.

The conference is a joint event by Hackerstolz e.V. and Startup Mannheim. It is truly a conference made by women for women. So as a team we say:
Thank you and until the next one!