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With the establishment of an advisory board, we are taking the next step towards consistent future orientation.

As a unique, interdisciplinary startup ecosystem in Germany within the context of urban innovation and cultural urban development, NEXT MANNHEIM takes the next step towards consistent future-oriented initiatives by establishing an advisory board.

Dr. Peter Kurz, former Mayor of the City of Mannheim, has appointed various experts and stakeholders to the 18-member advisory board for two years.

Through the input of the advisory board, we hope to gain valuable insights to make Mannheim even more future-proof.
Dr. Peter Kurz (former Mayor of the City of Mannheim)

The total of 18 members who will convene annually with NEXT MANNHEIM at the outset consists of national and international experts in the fields of startups, e-commerce, B2B business models, creative industries, and technology, all of whom are dedicated to a future-oriented approach in their work.

In future board meetings, suggestions and recommendations for the further development of NEXT MANNHEIM, its strategies, and projects will be discussed and monitored.

The following board members have accepted the appointment and will henceforth accompany NEXT MANNHEIM's measures and activities at relevant intersections with society, politics, business, and academia.


Former Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz: "With the establishment of the advisory board for NEXT MANNHEIM, we aim to gain new insights, expertise, and guidance for the successful realization of our societal mission and the achievement of our goals, particularly in the areas of startup support and innovative urban development. All members of the advisory board are recognized experts in their respective fields and are distinguished by their professional, cultural, and social commitment to the city of Mannheim. With their experience in engaging with the public and their willingness to contribute to shaping common economic and cultural policy concerns, we hope to receive valuable input on the path to making Mannheim even more future-oriented."
Looking forward to engaging with the appointed advisory board members: Dr. Peter Kurz and Christian Sommer.
Looking forward to engaging with the appointed advisory board members: Dr. Peter Kurz and Christian Sommer.
NEXT MANNHEIM Managing Director Christian Sommer: "I believe that it is increasingly important to continuously incorporate external insights that can provide us with direction in our future positioning. These vital insights for our work are what we hope to gain from the advisory board members from various industries and fields. We have been able to attract very inspiring individuals for this voluntary task who will support us with their dedication and dynamism in important tasks. With their support, we will be able to respond more quickly to changing environmental conditions, economic trends, or evolving societal trends."
I believe it is increasingly important to consistently incorporate external insights that can provide us with guidance in our future positioning.
Christian Sommer (NEXT MANNHEIM Managing Director)

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