Creative Economy

Welcome to the creative city.

An urban home for creative and cultural professionals in the music, design, film and fashion industries.



Creativity, innovative spirit and a entrepreneurial mentality throughout the city's cultural and economic history.

A permanent process of innovation is driving the city. It is the ideal environment for creative people from all over the world who develop and popularise ideas, products and services in the music, design, film and fashion industries.


NEXT MANNHEIM offers advice, provides space, creates networks and market access, recommends funding programs, finds production partners and locations, organises and promotes events – especially at the intersections with the music, design, film and fashion industry sub-markets.

For those involved in the cultural and creative industries, we operate the startup and competence centers MUSIKPARK, C-HUB, ALTES VOLKSBAD and TEXTILEREI.



Creative Industries Centre

Central and optimally networked: The creative industry centre C-HUB in Mannheim's harbour and trendy district Jungbusch.
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Foundation centre for the music industry

The founding centre for start-ups from the music industry - perfectly networked in Mannheim's trendy Jungbusch district.
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Foundation centre for the cultural and creative industries.

The creative industry centre in Neckarstadt-West is a hotspot for start-ups in the cultural and creative scene.
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Foundation centre for fashion and textile industry

The TEXTILEREI offers tailor-made starting points for start-ups* in the fashion, textile and lifestyle industry.
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From the classical music of the Mannheim school to today's music scene with acts such as Laura Carbone, Söhne Mannheims or Get Well Soon: Mannheim understands music – and has been a UNESCO CITY OF MUSIC since 2014. The funding structure has developed continuously based on the highly regarded Mannheim model – consisting of a Popakademie, Musikpark, music industry cluster management and a representative for music and pop culture. NEXT MANNHEIM is the contact for the regional and international music industry and organises successful event formats such as the MANNHEIM MUSIC WEEK (in cooperation with Stadtmarketing Mannheim) is a partner of the MAIFELD DERBY Festival, the JETZTMUSIK-Festival, the GUITAR SUMMIT and the WOOD AND BRASS SUMMIT.


In Mannheim, the history of mobility was designed through the invention of the bicycle, the car and the tractor – and today the design industry is one of the emerging sub-markets of the cultural and creative industries in our dynamically growing startup city.

In Mannheim's universities and colleges, design is taught, discussed, created, developed and promoted. More than 200 studios, agencies and freelancers create groundbreaking communication design, product design, material design, social design, music and sound design – and even systemic design.  


The Film Commission, based in the creative industry center C-HUB, is a project of NEXT MANNHEIM and a free service for creative and production companies in the film industry. Anyone involved in the production of film, television and video projects and looking for information, service or contacts will find information and people to contact here. The website offers news from the region on the subject of film and relevant information on filming in Mannheim, Heidelberg and North Baden. 

The film "Feel Rhein-Neckar" by the Mannheim production company Northwind Visuals shows impressions from the region and what the regional filming locations have to offer. 


Mannheim is an exciting location for the fashion industry. Labels like Schumacher, von Jungfeld, Goldgarn, Trauth or Phyne operate from here. In this creative environment the TEXTILEREI offers ideal conditions for beginners.



The creativity of young Mannheim brands in the fields of fashion, beauty, jewelry, interior and food & beverages: to be discovered in the HOMETOWN GLORY shop in the Mannheim quarter Q 6 Q 7

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Every two years NEXT MANNHEIM presents UNCOVER DESIGNFEST, a festival that highlights the topic “design” in many different aspects.

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Steffen Baumann

Deputy Managing Director / Head Of Creative Hubs

Pascal König

Project Management Music

Dr. Matthias Rauch

Cultural Innovation Officer / Head of Cultural Innovation & Creative Economy
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