Ron Snir Arbel: With objectivity and honesty comes wisdom!

10 tips for life, business and startups

Currently working as a Chairman & CBO at the Israeli FemTech company Ezbra and Venture Partner at Aloniq Ron Snir Arbel has a pretty unique life story on how she ended up where she is now - from studying nanotechnology, to her start in capital markets, General Manager at a major tech company or her position as Head of the Economic Mission in Singapore.

Her experiences in various fields give an interesting perspective on the finance industry, women in tech and the startup world. At our FEMTECH FIGURES event she gave an impulse talk and shared her story with us as well as 10 lessons learnt. Check out her talk on youtube or her learnings down below!


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10 lessons learnt
about life, business and startups

1. It's ok to be a generalist

It's ok to not have a specific profession. Accumulate experiences and eventually you will have a unique perspective about life, where you understand a tiny bit about many things - then you can focus. Of course think about your skill-set but when you want to own yourself and you don't want to be in a specific domain you have to live with the fact that you will be a generalist.

2. Think about the higher layer

You can always look at a broader perspective than the point where you are at now. When you are in the middle of it it always gets more complex and complicated. When you look down from a higher layer you can always find a solution and you will get less frustrated.

FEMTECH FIGURES - 08.03.2022, picture by Daniel Wetzel.
FEMTECH FIGURES - 08.03.2022, picture by Daniel Wetzel.
3. Read!

It might not be popular but read! You can read whatever you like as long as it does something to you - it makes you think, imagine, dream, or gives you a new perspective. Be by yourself for half an hour, concentrate and read.

4. Do a reality check with yourself

Ask yourself: What am I doing here and why? What are my goals? It is very easy to look at things with the same view - but what is reality? Try to become a little more objective when looking at your life, your business, your career. With objectivity and honesty comes wisdom about your life and the people around you.

5. Integrity

Short but not simple: Keep your integrity intact. Compromises will always lead to more compromises.

Once you've compromised your integrity, it is always downhill.
Ron Snir Arbel
6. Enjoy life

Life can be short, it can be random. So try to enjoy it as much as you can.

7. Be practical

Always think about the pragmatic side of your objectives. Those, who do that, will succeed more than just dreaming about things.

FEMTECH FIGURES - 08.03.2022, picture by Daniel Wetzel
FEMTECH FIGURES - 08.03.2022, picture by Daniel Wetzel
8. Say "Yes" to meeting new people

Say "Yes" to everyone who wants to meet you. Give them half an hour and you will be amazed what happens. Your kindness is appreciated but also you will meet people you wouldn't have the chance to meet otherwise.

9. The value of Networking

The true value of networking doesn't come from how many people we can meet but how many people we can introduce to others.

I try to introduce every person I meet to two other people.
Ron Snir Arbel
10. Do good

It might be cliché but: Do good. Be grateful for what you have and always try to be a better person, kinder and spread love.