START-UP from ISRAEL starting clinical trials in Mannheim

GrayMatters Health at CUBEX ONE

The Israeli startup GrayMatters Health became aware of CUBEX through the DE:HUB. What exactly the startup does and when they will be on site at CUBEX tells you the CEO Oded Kraft.

Oded Kraft: "GrayMatters Health (GMH) was founded with the goal of developing a digital self-neuromodulation therapy for mental diseases that would allow patients to reclaim control over their emotion management. Prism is a non-invasive adjunct therapy developed by GMH that uses unique neuroscience-based and brain-mechanism-specific biomarkers. Prism for PTSD, our first product candidate, is being tested at five clinical sites across the United States and Israel to determine its efficacy and safety as an addition to current PTSD treatments. Professor Talma Hendler and her team at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and Tel Aviv University created the groundbreaking device.

 We were delighted to find that GMH had been admitted into the DE:HUB CUBEX ecosystem. This was a critical step last year in developing our operations in Germany and Europe. Since then, we've witnessed how the CUBEX team, the LSA team, and the 5-ht teams have all worked together and responded to our requests in a professional and effective manner. Due to COVID, we only met the CUBEX team for a highly productive series of face-to-face discussions earlier this month (May 2022). This relationship is taking off in parallel with other firm activity in Europe and with premier medical centers in Germany, resulting in a strong momentum for bringing novel and effective medical therapy for mental diseases to the market."

f.l.t.r.: Jonas Wagner,  Gary J Sagiv, Rani Cohen, Oded Kraft.
f.l.t.r.: Jonas Wagner, Gary J Sagiv, Rani Cohen, Oded Kraft.

Each startup has distinct problems, depending on the length of the settlement and the level of onboarding support. Gray Matters has a very clear and precise plan, and in CUBEX we will help them in each area to flourish in Germany´s market. (e.g. providing support in the initiation of concrete pilot projects)

GrayMatters Health (GMH) not only is a really well-positioned team with the proper resources and a clear strategy that is regularly implemented, which is a pretty important factor for success, but it is also an extremely pleasant collaboration on the human side. Overall, GrayMatters Health is a fantastic startup with a clear vision and a strong commitment to its mission.

Hence, ''Herzlich Willkommen'' to GrayMatters Health, and we wish you an amazing journey with outstanding results in Germany with the help of the CUBEX team!

Especially for international startups wanting to enter the German market, an individual and hands-on support is needed. Therefore, we also established international services to provide further information regarding law, incorporation, taxes, hiring, etc. This goes hand in hand with finding the right customers, starting pilot projects and entering the industry network.